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New Player Training / NERO Introduction day in Connecticut

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Where: Woodbridge CT
When: Sunday August 8, 2004
Cost: We're requesting a 5.00 donation per person for burgers, dogs and drinks (all NON alcoholic)
(NERO International Memberships will be available for purchase as well though, and if you are interested in attending an upcoming event and are a new player you will qualify for the new player pack, which is a discount on membership and first event cost.)
What are we doing? Training/Orienting new players, hanging out with older players and getting some practice in. As the Ashbury event is one week after this and there will be a lot of new players - we want to get them up to speed before they are set loose in one of the North-East's most challenging campaigns.
Will you be doing any modules? That depends on the player turn out we get, and how many previously experienced players show up to help out.
Will there be official NERO Reps there? Well NERO Hartford's head of Weapons and Safety, plus his second will be there and they will be training people in NERO style fighting.
NERO's Hartford Area coordinator will be there too and will be a liaison for NERO International, so we should be definitely covered for official reps! However - Current NERO Players are welcome and wanted. This is not limited to promoting NERO Ashbury or NERO Hartford alone...

Information on NERO International can be found at
Contact Angela Morris ( to RSVP and get link to directions.
This is our first day like this and we intend to do more!
The Face of Evil

*posted by hired scribe*

Hello, I am in need of information from anyone who might be able to help. About 8 months ago, I came to Tyrra from the DreamTime. Its a place far and away from Tyrra, and it seems like I left it forever ago. By mistake, I might add.

Now, im sorta alien to this world. I have made some friends, but very few understand what it is to be the only Jimbawalla in all of Tyrra. For those of you who may not know, the Jimbawalla are a tribe of what you would call kangaroo scavengers. The Wahari, as we are known, are a select group of individuals who are embued with the power of Nah'Galyohd, to be able to travel between the Dreamscape, and the earth realms.

I have been here long, and have been looking for another of my kind. He may be travelling in disguise, or hiding his identity from others. I have been to a few kindoms, most notable: Barnacus, Kilbar, Caladore, and as far south as Emuria and Dylaria. And so far, have come back empty handed. I fear that maybe I have lost him.

I have heard a tale, from a man who had been in a place called Baddira, far far far to the south and west of Dragonreach. He had seen one of my kind, but I cannot be certain if he was telling the truth. I plan to someday visit, but travelling in this cold land these days has forced me to seek a warm place to bed down till the weather passes.

It would mean to me, very much for any information pertaining to his location, and will almost certainly pay for it in gold or services rendered.

Thank you well,
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A plea for Help!

Sunday January 19, 603 ER

I write this asking for help.
We've been invaded by Sessuar - occupied for five years, this is nothing new. Ashbury has had it's share of problems over the years with them, but this time - they have taken a very special child.

Our hope.
Our future.

Our late Duke's son.

He was in hiding when the Sessuar came. We knew not where his late Regent hid him.
All we know is the Sessuar have him now. He is but five or six years old, just a child, our little Duke to be.
So much responsability on his tiny shoulders.

This Friday we start to take back Blythedale. Along with sightings of the encampment where little Mykel is, our scouts have brought back reports of a library of formal scrolls and components... possably golden nuggets and other things - up to and including magic items and weapons.

Would you come? Would you fight for that which is right? Would you help free this little boy who should be sitting on his late fathers shoulders, instead of bearing a burden on his own? Is that not enough? For surely if it is not, then there are treasures awaiting to make it more palatable...

Lady Kelsea Merdik
Written from Nordenn Keep, Ashbury

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Sad News

Sad news travels slowly, it seems, even among the Romani.

I learned yesterday that my cousin, and very good friend Symkin met his permanent death somewhere in Badira.

I am not sure what happened, or when, other than he apparently gave his life to save others, which sounds like Symkin.

He was foolish, and had a heart that was much too large for his own good.

I will miss him. His passing is a loss of life and laughter in Tyrra.

Drink for him, and smile, that is what he would have wanted.

Wynde Varavero
rainbow head - kageneko


Since my last entry, I have actually visted two Barncacus gatherings.

Both times I have stayed with a group called the Crown and the Ring of Northmarch. Their leader is somewhat uncouth, but seems to be generally well intentioned. One of the other members, Blackstone is quite nice, but more about that later.

Overall, I like the town, and I have begun to make many friends, but there are some strange customs in this new place.

The gaje, as always, are gaje, with their own unfathomable ways. I have never understood their concept of nobility, but in this place it seems even stranger than most. Stranger than the nobles themselves is that many Romani seem to have sworn themselves to these nobles, placing gaje above family in their hearts. It saddens me.

The Romani here also seem to have some strange jokes with the Gaje. I am trying to adapt, but it is difficult sometimes. In my old lands, anyone who dared to suggest that a Romani would steal or otherwise harm an infant would quickly find themselves in serious trouble. But here, it is apparently a friendly jest to suggest that Roman EAT babies. I have a hard time restraining myself when such 'friendly' jests are made.

Ah well, on to more pleasant subjects....

Their were many Romani in Barnacus this weekend. So many in fact that I did not even get to meet them all! I am hoping that soon we will establish a camp for all Romani to share, instead of beng spread amongst their guilds and houses.

Being amongst my cousins also brought thoughts of family to my mind. My new met cousin Vladamir was telling me of his three lovely wives, and it made me sad to think that I do not have as much as a single husband! Perhaps it is time that I found one.

There is a certain Celestial scholar in town with a nice smile and wonderful eyes. He has been quite kind to me so far. If he were only Romani it would be perfect, but I have heard that sometimes Gaje can be very adequate husbands.

We shall have to see....


Regarding Our Arrival in Barnacus

Monday, 6 May, 1002 H.E.

Left Kalidor and travelled to Barnacus to start new life as adventurer. Keegan insisted he accompany me to keep me safe. Balked at idea but was really glad to have an archer cousin the first time we were jumped by goblins. Also, Keegan needs to investigate his missing father, my uncle Farold. Hope not to misplace my own father in the future.

Met friends on the way to Barnacus:

—Tam, another human, was earnest if not hardy. Wanted a life outside that of which his rich father had prepared for him. Bit tongue and didn't suggest farming.

—Sirena seemed aloof (not unnormal for a dark elf) but genuinely concerned for our well-being. Am fine with that as long as she doesn't cast Magic Missile at the darkness. Highly unlikely, given her night-vision. Have Light spell just in case.

—Leaf is really good at finding things and not being present once a battle begins. Certain that the first skill will come in handy, not so sure that the latter will. Crazy hobling tactics.

Friday, upon arrival in Barnacus, we met the merchant Gunther, and then were immediately set upon by skeletons. Dropped one with a healing spell before being dropped myself. Stupid sneaky skeletons. Gunther led us on run to safety towards his warded guildhouse. Asked him if these attacks were a normal occurance in Barnacus. He said that they were. Asked why the town was built on a cemetery, or why they didn't move to somewhere safer. He said something about tradition. Sounded like a really bad tradition to me.

Gunther made sure those of us who didn't have a weapon but needed one got one, and at some point we ventured outside again. Other townspeople were facing off against the skeletons, and we did what we could.

Later we would be attacked multiple times in the tavern by undead and the necromancer George, and Keegan would be temporarily captured by the faerie lord that had stolen Lord Davram Longhammer's name. None of these incidents went particularly well for any of us. Decided as a group to retire for the evening before we were killed again.

The next day we either faught or ran away from the following, among other things: giant crabs, goblins, marauding giant fruits and vegetables, fungoids, jungle natives. Healed a bunch of people. Becoming skilled in combat medicine. Huzzah for me! Tam didn't hold up well under the pressures of the adventuring life and made friends with some tavern ale. Friendly adventurer helped to make Tam useful again with a Purify Blood spell.

Failed to fully heal a town beset upon by a plague. Stymied by magical nature of plague. Damn plague. Got to meet Mistress Nia of Healer's Guild on this mission. V. impressed with and admittedly jealous of her hammer. Apparently she got it from her husband. Must land husband with big hammer or other similar large implement someday.

Was made offer by Lord Connor, protector of the province of Eastwoods, where we are all from. Asked to perform tasks in his name in exchange for support from his House. Decided to think about it. Secretly not excited at potential prospect of killing people in the name of others. Had enough bad luck with Lord Boxeving in Kalidor to pursue allegiance with nobility.

In the evening, entire group around campfire vacated v. quickly to avoid visiting lich. Good move on our part; everyone survived the visit. Am told Leaf took a Death spell right in the chest and lived to run away. Huzzah for Leaf! Other adventurers went out to destroy lich later in the evening. None of us accompanied them as we all wanted to live. Instead, ended up on quest involving giant frogs—more our speed.

Sunday many adventurers went out to investigate missing merchant guild hall. Merchants turned out to be bandits with tabards of merchant guild-colors. Damn bandits. During a fight with an umber hulk, two of them managed to take out thirteen of us—our entire party save for Leaf, who escaped. Wouldn't know, as was second to go down from Sleep spell and last one to regain consciousness. Bandits kidnapped Keegan and stole some of our things—no fun. Found Keegan, rescued Keegan, found bandits, attacked bandits, defeated bandits, found things. Huzzah for our side!

(Originally posted after the May 3rd-5th, 2002 game @ NERO Chicago)
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(no subject)

It's been so long since I attended a gather. I am actually quite nervous, how embarassing.

I believe the name of this town is.... Barnacus? I'm not entirely sure. I've only traveled this area once, and that was close to 2 long years ago.

No wonder I am confused. Two years of wandering is enough for any Romani. And two years of wandering alone is more than any of us should have to suffer.

It might not have been so bad if it had been the first time... But my last visit to... Yes, I think it is Barnacus, was after another two year wander....

To finally find a place to rest my feet again for a while? It is almost too wonderous to imagine....

Although, it is never the same....

I miss my friends in Badeera, and my homeland Uradi. I wonder if I will ever see those places again. Has it really been 4 years? And so many miles away?

The great journey of life takes us where it wills.

I hope my family in Uradi is well. I think often of Symkin and Lashana.

I have left a few messages on the Tree in this new place, seeking hospitality for their next gather. I thought I saw... Faded and old... Could it have really been a note from Gravis? Does he travel to these lands? And is he an old friend, or an old enemy? That is worry for another day, I suppose.

Where was I?

Oh yes, hospitality.

Last time I visted this place I met two sisters, but I have seen no word from them on the message tree. Nor did any other brother's and sister's reply. I have heard the Clan here is called the Kalhoun, I know nothing of this branch of the family. There do not seem to be many of them within the city. Not unusual I suppose, If somewhat disappointing. I do miss the family.

Even though no family has appeared, a group of Gaje has offered me hospitality for the weekend. They seem kindly enough, if somewhat.... Well... Gaje....

They are called the Crown and Ring of Northmarch. I do wish I knew more about them. I will be careful until I find hospitality among my family again.


Disturbing News. June 17, 602 [226]

Talon finally got around to giving me the letter he came to bring.

Looks like some trouble back home, plus mom wants a visit.
Some type of serpent got washed into the river, being flood season and all. Wreaking about as much havoc to the Glen as the dark rides have done to wilderwood. I'm going to try and find Khasari before I leave to go handle this. Means I'll miss the gather this weekend, but this is a good bit more important. It wiped out most of Talon's pack when they tried to take it. The managed to damage it, and judging his skill, and from what he says of the others, K and I should be able to take it, moreso with cantrips, scrolls, and potions that I have that are about to go bad. I'll be leaving in a couple days, as soon as I can get my stuff together and find K.

Zerr Trellious,
June 17, 602 Tyrangel
June 17, 226 Wilderwood

Random Gatherings. June 16, 602 [226]

Met up with some people tonight, and had some interesting conversations.

Laney agreed to help my cast some formal magic. I got cantrips down, but looks like formal's gonna be a bit more difficult. I can't wait.

Nothing really new.. still can't find those Fanged pens.

I think I'm sort of getting used to this case of Yipperitius in my ear. Sort of.

Zerr Trellious,
June 16, 602 Tyrangel
June 16, 226 Wilderwood

More events. July 15, 602 [226]

The message tree in Wilderwood is getting a bit mixed up. Looks like a few of them are serious, the others are probably attempting to relieve the stress of being back in time.

I left the Glen nearly two and a half years ago, with Khasari. I haven't seen him in 6 months, and that time was the first in about 6 months. Looks like Dret got himself lost again, Daonie has drifted away. Cotori is gone. Talon just found his way to me. People come and go, but this is not exactly the way I thought it would.

That newtlich keep playing with my circle. First he moves it, then moves it back. Now he shrunk it. I've tried feeding him.. maybe he needs a name?

Anyone still read this? I need help naming the newt-lich who lives in my cabin. He's not undead, lich is just used as a way of gauging his power. Any ideas?

I need to speak with Kaja sometime, too. Hasn't answered my letters, so he's either busy, they got lost, he got lost, or something like that. Wouldn't put any of those past happening. Need to make a trip back to the Bluff.

Zerr Trellious,
July 15, 602 Tyrangel
July 15, 226 Wilderwood