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New Player Training / NERO Introduction day in Connecticut

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Where: Woodbridge CT
When: Sunday August 8, 2004
Cost: We're requesting a 5.00 donation per person for burgers, dogs and drinks (all NON alcoholic)
(NERO International Memberships will be available for purchase as well though, and if you are interested in attending an upcoming event and are a new player you will qualify for the new player pack, which is a discount on membership and first event cost.)
What are we doing? Training/Orienting new players, hanging out with older players and getting some practice in. As the Ashbury event is one week after this and there will be a lot of new players - we want to get them up to speed before they are set loose in one of the North-East's most challenging campaigns.
Will you be doing any modules? That depends on the player turn out we get, and how many previously experienced players show up to help out.
Will there be official NERO Reps there? Well NERO Hartford's head of Weapons and Safety, plus his second will be there and they will be training people in NERO style fighting.
NERO's Hartford Area coordinator will be there too and will be a liaison for NERO International, so we should be definitely covered for official reps! However - Current NERO Players are welcome and wanted. This is not limited to promoting NERO Ashbury or NERO Hartford alone...

Information on NERO International can be found at
Contact Angela Morris ( to RSVP and get link to directions.
This is our first day like this and we intend to do more!
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