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*posted by hired scribe*

Hello, I am in need of information from anyone who might be able to help. About 8 months ago, I came to Tyrra from the DreamTime. Its a place far and away from Tyrra, and it seems like I left it forever ago. By mistake, I might add.

Now, im sorta alien to this world. I have made some friends, but very few understand what it is to be the only Jimbawalla in all of Tyrra. For those of you who may not know, the Jimbawalla are a tribe of what you would call kangaroo scavengers. The Wahari, as we are known, are a select group of individuals who are embued with the power of Nah'Galyohd, to be able to travel between the Dreamscape, and the earth realms.

I have been here long, and have been looking for another of my kind. He may be travelling in disguise, or hiding his identity from others. I have been to a few kindoms, most notable: Barnacus, Kilbar, Caladore, and as far south as Emuria and Dylaria. And so far, have come back empty handed. I fear that maybe I have lost him.

I have heard a tale, from a man who had been in a place called Baddira, far far far to the south and west of Dragonreach. He had seen one of my kind, but I cannot be certain if he was telling the truth. I plan to someday visit, but travelling in this cold land these days has forced me to seek a warm place to bed down till the weather passes.

It would mean to me, very much for any information pertaining to his location, and will almost certainly pay for it in gold or services rendered.

Thank you well,
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