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A plea for Help!

Sunday January 19, 603 ER

I write this asking for help.
We've been invaded by Sessuar - occupied for five years, this is nothing new. Ashbury has had it's share of problems over the years with them, but this time - they have taken a very special child.

Our hope.
Our future.

Our late Duke's son.

He was in hiding when the Sessuar came. We knew not where his late Regent hid him.
All we know is the Sessuar have him now. He is but five or six years old, just a child, our little Duke to be.
So much responsability on his tiny shoulders.

This Friday we start to take back Blythedale. Along with sightings of the encampment where little Mykel is, our scouts have brought back reports of a library of formal scrolls and components... possably golden nuggets and other things - up to and including magic items and weapons.

Would you come? Would you fight for that which is right? Would you help free this little boy who should be sitting on his late fathers shoulders, instead of bearing a burden on his own? Is that not enough? For surely if it is not, then there are treasures awaiting to make it more palatable...

Lady Kelsea Merdik
Written from Nordenn Keep, Ashbury

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