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Since my last entry, I have actually visted two Barncacus gatherings.

Both times I have stayed with a group called the Crown and the Ring of Northmarch. Their leader is somewhat uncouth, but seems to be generally well intentioned. One of the other members, Blackstone is quite nice, but more about that later.

Overall, I like the town, and I have begun to make many friends, but there are some strange customs in this new place.

The gaje, as always, are gaje, with their own unfathomable ways. I have never understood their concept of nobility, but in this place it seems even stranger than most. Stranger than the nobles themselves is that many Romani seem to have sworn themselves to these nobles, placing gaje above family in their hearts. It saddens me.

The Romani here also seem to have some strange jokes with the Gaje. I am trying to adapt, but it is difficult sometimes. In my old lands, anyone who dared to suggest that a Romani would steal or otherwise harm an infant would quickly find themselves in serious trouble. But here, it is apparently a friendly jest to suggest that Roman EAT babies. I have a hard time restraining myself when such 'friendly' jests are made.

Ah well, on to more pleasant subjects....

Their were many Romani in Barnacus this weekend. So many in fact that I did not even get to meet them all! I am hoping that soon we will establish a camp for all Romani to share, instead of beng spread amongst their guilds and houses.

Being amongst my cousins also brought thoughts of family to my mind. My new met cousin Vladamir was telling me of his three lovely wives, and it made me sad to think that I do not have as much as a single husband! Perhaps it is time that I found one.

There is a certain Celestial scholar in town with a nice smile and wonderful eyes. He has been quite kind to me so far. If he were only Romani it would be perfect, but I have heard that sometimes Gaje can be very adequate husbands.

We shall have to see....

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