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Regarding Our Arrival in Barnacus

Monday, 6 May, 1002 H.E.

Left Kalidor and travelled to Barnacus to start new life as adventurer. Keegan insisted he accompany me to keep me safe. Balked at idea but was really glad to have an archer cousin the first time we were jumped by goblins. Also, Keegan needs to investigate his missing father, my uncle Farold. Hope not to misplace my own father in the future.

Met friends on the way to Barnacus:

—Tam, another human, was earnest if not hardy. Wanted a life outside that of which his rich father had prepared for him. Bit tongue and didn't suggest farming.

—Sirena seemed aloof (not unnormal for a dark elf) but genuinely concerned for our well-being. Am fine with that as long as she doesn't cast Magic Missile at the darkness. Highly unlikely, given her night-vision. Have Light spell just in case.

—Leaf is really good at finding things and not being present once a battle begins. Certain that the first skill will come in handy, not so sure that the latter will. Crazy hobling tactics.

Friday, upon arrival in Barnacus, we met the merchant Gunther, and then were immediately set upon by skeletons. Dropped one with a healing spell before being dropped myself. Stupid sneaky skeletons. Gunther led us on run to safety towards his warded guildhouse. Asked him if these attacks were a normal occurance in Barnacus. He said that they were. Asked why the town was built on a cemetery, or why they didn't move to somewhere safer. He said something about tradition. Sounded like a really bad tradition to me.

Gunther made sure those of us who didn't have a weapon but needed one got one, and at some point we ventured outside again. Other townspeople were facing off against the skeletons, and we did what we could.

Later we would be attacked multiple times in the tavern by undead and the necromancer George, and Keegan would be temporarily captured by the faerie lord that had stolen Lord Davram Longhammer's name. None of these incidents went particularly well for any of us. Decided as a group to retire for the evening before we were killed again.

The next day we either faught or ran away from the following, among other things: giant crabs, goblins, marauding giant fruits and vegetables, fungoids, jungle natives. Healed a bunch of people. Becoming skilled in combat medicine. Huzzah for me! Tam didn't hold up well under the pressures of the adventuring life and made friends with some tavern ale. Friendly adventurer helped to make Tam useful again with a Purify Blood spell.

Failed to fully heal a town beset upon by a plague. Stymied by magical nature of plague. Damn plague. Got to meet Mistress Nia of Healer's Guild on this mission. V. impressed with and admittedly jealous of her hammer. Apparently she got it from her husband. Must land husband with big hammer or other similar large implement someday.

Was made offer by Lord Connor, protector of the province of Eastwoods, where we are all from. Asked to perform tasks in his name in exchange for support from his House. Decided to think about it. Secretly not excited at potential prospect of killing people in the name of others. Had enough bad luck with Lord Boxeving in Kalidor to pursue allegiance with nobility.

In the evening, entire group around campfire vacated v. quickly to avoid visiting lich. Good move on our part; everyone survived the visit. Am told Leaf took a Death spell right in the chest and lived to run away. Huzzah for Leaf! Other adventurers went out to destroy lich later in the evening. None of us accompanied them as we all wanted to live. Instead, ended up on quest involving giant frogs—more our speed.

Sunday many adventurers went out to investigate missing merchant guild hall. Merchants turned out to be bandits with tabards of merchant guild-colors. Damn bandits. During a fight with an umber hulk, two of them managed to take out thirteen of us—our entire party save for Leaf, who escaped. Wouldn't know, as was second to go down from Sleep spell and last one to regain consciousness. Bandits kidnapped Keegan and stole some of our things—no fun. Found Keegan, rescued Keegan, found bandits, attacked bandits, defeated bandits, found things. Huzzah for our side!

(Originally posted after the May 3rd-5th, 2002 game @ NERO Chicago)
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