Stephen (firekast) wrote in nero_characters,

Disturbing News. June 17, 602 [226]

Talon finally got around to giving me the letter he came to bring.

Looks like some trouble back home, plus mom wants a visit.
Some type of serpent got washed into the river, being flood season and all. Wreaking about as much havoc to the Glen as the dark rides have done to wilderwood. I'm going to try and find Khasari before I leave to go handle this. Means I'll miss the gather this weekend, but this is a good bit more important. It wiped out most of Talon's pack when they tried to take it. The managed to damage it, and judging his skill, and from what he says of the others, K and I should be able to take it, moreso with cantrips, scrolls, and potions that I have that are about to go bad. I'll be leaving in a couple days, as soon as I can get my stuff together and find K.

Zerr Trellious,
June 17, 602 Tyrangel
June 17, 226 Wilderwood
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