Stephen (firekast) wrote in nero_characters,

More events. July 15, 602 [226]

The message tree in Wilderwood is getting a bit mixed up. Looks like a few of them are serious, the others are probably attempting to relieve the stress of being back in time.

I left the Glen nearly two and a half years ago, with Khasari. I haven't seen him in 6 months, and that time was the first in about 6 months. Looks like Dret got himself lost again, Daonie has drifted away. Cotori is gone. Talon just found his way to me. People come and go, but this is not exactly the way I thought it would.

That newtlich keep playing with my circle. First he moves it, then moves it back. Now he shrunk it. I've tried feeding him.. maybe he needs a name?

Anyone still read this? I need help naming the newt-lich who lives in my cabin. He's not undead, lich is just used as a way of gauging his power. Any ideas?

I need to speak with Kaja sometime, too. Hasn't answered my letters, so he's either busy, they got lost, he got lost, or something like that. Wouldn't put any of those past happening. Need to make a trip back to the Bluff.

Zerr Trellious,
July 15, 602 Tyrangel
July 15, 226 Wilderwood
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