Stephen (firekast) wrote in nero_characters,

Where things are going. June 14, 602 [226]

Whatever is going to happen in Tyrangel, I'm not sure. Does it really matter anymore. This place changed me so much over the last two years. Look at me. I'm not my birthrace, I've lost track of what I came here to do and the people I came here with. And my ear's pulling a Yipper. What else is going to go wrong? Or are things going right. Who knows? Only time (time? bad choice of words) can tell, I suppose. I'm going to try to learn to fight with a spear. Going to try and get Justin to make me one.

Looks like trouble's brewing down in the Bluff. People are unhappy with Fala. I can't say I know him that well. Besides, I try to stay out of politics down there. After all, it's my vacation spot.

Fang it.. I can't find my pens. How am I supposed to finish these maps without them? I seem to be misplacing a lot of things recently.

Zerr Trellious,
June 14, 602 Tyrangel
June 14, 226 Wilderwood
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